Bridging Cultures, Connecting Histories
At the heart of this project is a new academic monograph series, entitled:
Studies in the History of Christianity in East Asia, which will be published by Brill Academic Publishers in Leiden in the Netherlands and in Boston in the United States.

Its primary focus will be the study of Christianity in East Asia and reflect both “local” (i.e. Chinese, Japanese and Korean themes as well as comparative perspectives that explore the historical, cultural, and religious connections that mark the interactions between these countries.

The new series' Editors will be M. Antoni J. Ucerler, S.J. and Wu Xiaoxin . Our new Editorial Assistant at the Ricci Institute, Stephen Ford , will be assisting the Editors will all aspects related to the publication of manuscripts.

For a full list of scholars involved in the series, see the separate pages for the Editorial Board and Advisory Board .

Subject matter may include but is not limited to: church history, cultural anthropology, historical linguistics, history of science and medicine, global history, and comparative studies.

The series will include critical studies of primary sources related to the history of Christianity in East Asia and/or critical translations of those sources, with accompanying commentary and critical apparatus.

Influential works in the field hitherto published only in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean respectively will be carefully selected, translated into English, and made available to an international audience with the aim of promoting scholarly dialogue beyond local linguistic constituencies.

A webpage for the new series will be created in January 2017 on the site of Brill Academic Publishers .

Anyone interested in submitting a manuscript for consideration for publication may write to the Ricci Institute by following this link .
Brill Academic Publishers
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