Studies in the History of
Christianity in East Asia

Bridging Cultures, Connecting Histories

Brill Series Editors

M. Antoni J. ​​​​​​UCERLER, S.J. ​​
Ricci Institute, Director

University of San Francisco
WU Xiaoxin ​​吳小新
Ricci Institute, Admin. Director
University of San Francisco 

Brill Series Editorial Board

Donald L. ​​​​​​BAKER ​​
University of British Columbia (Vancouver) 
Brill Academic Publishers
Anthony CLARK
Whitworth University     
​Spokane, WA

Leiden University

​The Netherlands

Stephen J. ​RODDY
University of San Francisco


Brill Series Editorial Assistant

Stephen FORD
Ricci Institute
University of San Francisco

For more information about the new Brill Series, "Studies in the History of Christianity in East Asia", see the Publications page. Also see the Advisory Board page.
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