Bridging Cultures, Connecting Histories
The primary aim of the project is to launch a new academic monograph series entitled
"Studies in the History of Christianity in East Asia". 

The academic goals of the project include:

Strengthening current research in the field of Christian history in East Asia
      by creating a new forum for

(a) in-depth studies and
(b) the publication of primary source materials in different languages, including critical translations thereof;

 Broadening the scope of the study of Christianity in China to include Japan
      and Korea, by interpreting and re-interpreting the histor(ies) of these regions as
      mutually “connected”;

 Developing this growing field of scholarship through a focused series of
      workshops fellowships , and publications , thereby building new intellectual
     bridges that connect scholars from different linguistic, cultural, and academic
     traditions around the world;

Educating a new generation of younger scholars from across the globe by
     offering them practical training on how to publish both within one’s own
     academic tradition and for diverse scholarly audiences outside of that tradition.
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